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Laholmsbuktens VA, water and sewage

Laholmsbuktens VA is responsible for municipal drinking water and sewage systems i Halmstad and Laholm. Our goal is that subscribers will receive safe, secure, sustainable and cost effective water and sanitation.


We are committed to providing clean, safe, and reliable drinking water service to all the residents and businesses in Halmstad's and Laholm's municipalities. Through a complex system of pipes, valves, pumping stations, and reservoirs water is delivered directly to you.

Sewer and wastewater

Halmstad's and Laholm's sanitary wastewater systems are designed to collect and treat wastewater.  Sanitary sewers carry wastewater from homes, commercial buildings and industrial sources to one of our 17 wastewater treatment plants. After treatment the water is returned to the recipients.

The storm water system aids in preventing flooding by draining rain water away from buildings and roads. In some parts of our communities, there is no storm water system, which can lead to flooding. Sometimes, too much storm water reach our wastewater treatment plants, and the processes can be disturbed. To avoid these problems, Laholmsbuktens VA are building storm water systems in several places in the area.